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Sukhayus is the premium wellness vertical of Punarnava Ayurveda, a National and International award winning group in health care since two decades. Centred in the historic town of Fort Kochi, Kerala, this venture integrates authentic Ayurveda and holistic treatments in a luxurious ambience. Sukhayus is situated in a heritage property at the venerable city of Fort Kochi, carrying a rich history and heritage with a unique blend of Dutch, Portuguese, British, Jewish and Arab influences. The perfect location is just a foot away from spice and trade centres, Chinese fishing nets, beach, narrow market, historic buildings, synagogues and stunning backwaters. Sukh (Well-being) Ayus (Life span), as the term indicates, offers personalized ayurvedic treatments and services leading towards perfect well-being. Sukhayus focuses on both preventive and curative aspects on the basis of balancing one’s body, mind and soul. We emphasise on healing from the core rather than prescribing medicines for some specific ailments. You will find the right combination of wellness treatments, delicious cuisine, luxury and relaxation at Sukhayus. It honours outstanding quality, service comfort in providing an ultimate ‘feel good’ atmosphere.